Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How would you describe your style?

I’m a huge fan of cinema, contemporary art and design, photojournalism and street photography. I approach each wedding as a blank canvas and from there I document the day as it evolves. I seek out those little moments where the memories are made. Those special interactions between people being themselves with friends and family.

Q. Do you do this full-time?

I do. I have more than 15 years’ experience as a professional photographer. During this time, I have specialised in Fine Art and Wedding Photography. I have worked for a wide range of commercial and private clients, with work published in magazines and books. I have sold many fine art prints and have been exhibited several times

Q. Do you photograph the actual wedding ceremony?

Yes. I’m very discreet and hopefully, you’ll never know that I am there. I only use natural or available light (no flash) which helps considerably too. Please note, you should always check with the person who you’ve chosen to lead your ceremony ahead of time to ensure they have no restrictions they wish to impose – especially if you are having a church ceremony.

Q. How many photos do you take on the day?

I don’t limit the number of photos that I take on your wedding day. I just keep shooting. After a full day of celebration you will typically have over 350 fully edited memories to look back on.

Q. What do we do if it rains?

One of the most frequently asked questions! While bad weather is always a big worry for brides and grooms, it doesn’t have to be. You just have to embrace whatever the weather brings you (this is Scotland after all!). I can say from experience that brides and grooms do not care on the day. They’re having such a great time that they don’t even notice!

Q. Can we meet you before the wedding to talk about our plans?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in booking an informal, no-obligation meet-up about your wedding plans, I’m more than happy to treat you to a coffee  and cake! The better we know each other before your wedding, the better the final images will be!

Q. Can I let other people see my wedding photos?

Of course. I know that you will love your wedding photos and be keen to share and show them to your guests.  Your online gallery and slideshow are password protected but please feel free to pass on the links to whoever you wish. Be sure to share them on your social media accounts too!

Q. How long do you stay on the day?

Another frequently asked question! I can be there for the bridal/groom perperation's and stay right through to the end of your evening’s entertainment. You can specify how long you wish me to be present at your wedding if you don’t wish me there for the full day.  I don’t work set hours and I tend to call it a day only when I’ve got enough images from each part of the wedding.

Q. Do you require us to provide you a meal or refreshments on the day?

No. I always bring my own food and will typically nip away for 20 minutes whilst you and your guests are enjoying your wedding meal. However, if you or your caterers wish to provide me with a little something to eat, I would never say no! But please don’t feel obliged to do so.

Q. Do you take any formal or group/family photos?

Always! It’s a great idea to take a few formal group shots, and although you won’t see many of them in my portfolio, I think they’re an important part of the day. I do recommend keeping these to a minimum (bridal party, immediate families, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc) so we don’t sacrafice too much of your precious time.

Q. Help! I don’t like my photo being taken!

Me too! I understand that a lot of people don’t like having their photographs taken so I work in a friendly and unobtrusive way. I’m all about the authentic and natural moments that occur between the happy couple and their guests during a wedding celebration. Have a look through my portfolio or instagram page and you should get a clear idea of this.

Q. Can my friends and family purchase any prints?

Of course. There are a number of print options available to suit all budgets. Once the images are available to view I will share with you my print products and costs.

Q. How do we secure our date with you?

Once we’ve met or had a chat and you’re both happy to proceed, I will ask for a booking fee (which comes off the total cost of your wedding package). I’ll also send you a digital contract that will need to be reviewed and signed.
As soon as I have both of these your booking will be confirmed and your big day reserved.

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