Fine Art Papers

Photo Art Silk 290

Photo Art Silk 290 is a fine art inkjet paper with a silk matt surface and mid-white base. This matt paper has a unique coating that takes on a luxurious silk sheen when printed on, sparkling in the light and bursting with vibrancy.

Photo Art Silk is an art paper with a difference and will create stand-out prints suited for all purposes.
The surface has a subtle undulating texture for a true fine art feel, whilst the natural white Alpha Cellulose base delivers excellent colour renditions and sharp detail.

Key Features & Benefits

* Alpha Cellulose inkjet paper
* Matt surface with a unique silk sheen
* 290gsm mid-white
* Exceptional for seascapes and long-exposures

Museum Heritage 310

Museum Heritage 310 is a fine art inkjet paper with a textured surface and mid-white base. It prints with outstanding detail and clarity, enhanced by the rough textured weave that is highly suited to fine art photography, rustic scenes, and detailed portraits.

This cotton and Alpha Cellulose mix paper is perfect for artists wishing to reproduce their work, with the mid-white base providing outstanding colour and monochrome renditions.
Museum Heritage has a superior coating that prints excellent highlight and shadow detail with a high Dmax.

The textured surface adds a depth and quality to images for that extra special look and feel, suited to professional exhibitions, galleries, museums, and artists.

Key Features & Benefits

* Cotton and Alpha Cellulose mix inkjet paper
* Matt surface with a textured weave
* 310gsm mid-white
* Incredible detail and depth suited to fine art work

Alpha Natural Rag 310

Alpha Natural Rag 310 is a fine art inkjet paper with a smooth matt surface and natural white base.
Easily produce beautiful Giclée results with this OBA free paper, the perfect choice for artists and photographers looking for a true archival fine art material.

It reproduces stunning, vibrant colours and great image depth and detail. The warm 100% cotton base provides a stable platform for fine art reproductions with no colour shifts or enhancements.

Alpha Natural Rag is highly suited to landscape, portrait and fine art photographers and artists who desire a very smooth surface.

Key Features & Benefits

* 100% cotton rag inkjet paper
* Smooth matt surface
* 310gsm warm base
* Reproduces 8xceptional colour and detail
100% cotton rag inkjet paperSmooth matt surface310gsm warm baseOBA freeReproduces exceptional colour and detail