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Gordon Nicol

The Photographer

Photo of Photographer Gordon Nicol

My Experience

Photography began as a passionate hobby when I worked around Scotland as a community worker delivering formal and informal learning and self-development opportunities to people living in disadvantaged communities. 

When my mental health began to suffer, I became a house husband which enabled me to develop my love of photography. I am still pushing myself to find that perfect image and I enthuse others with a passion for photography to do the same.  

When I picked up a camera for the first time, analogue was the only option (film photography) and I loved developing photos in the darkroom. As technology changed, I switched to digital, and the darkroom was no more.
Originally, I had Cannon pro cameras and L series lenses but now I shoot with Fuji x bodies and lenses, vintage analogue cameras (both 35mm and medium format as well as my two beloved Polaroids) and of course my phone!  

I have more than 15 years’ experience as a professional photographer. During this time, I specialised in Landscape and Fine Art Photography in addition to delivering residential photography workshops with a fellow photographer. I have worked for a range of commercial and private clients, with work published in magazines and books. I have sold many fine art prints and have been exhibited several times.  

Moving to Taynuilt in Argyll and Bute last year means that I now have an ideal base to deliver photo tours to both locals and visitors. The location offers a vast wealth of opportunities for all photographers, from landscape to documentary, wildlife to architectural and creative to environmental. I have a spacious, purpose-built print studio and darkroom where clients can produce their photographs to take with them or have then dispatched to their address.

My Creative Philosophy 

Photography for me is not about how fancy my camera is, it is about the connections I make. It is about those special moments I have with people and the environment I find myself in.

These wonderfully unique experiences are created every time I have a camera in my hand, any camera will do, digital, analogue or mobile.

Photography is based around the following four main tenets; visualisation, image capture, image creation and image printing. These interconnecting processes in turn inform all of my photographic work.

I take time to create original and creative photographs and delight in sharing them with others, both online and in print.

Photographs tell stories and show individual character. I strive to create photographs that capture light in unique and fleeting moments. I want the viewers of my images to be engaged and intrigued in what they see. Ideally they will gain an insight to my photographic vision and passion.

I believe that photography is not about numbers, settings and precision; it is about being in the moment, observing and visualising. It is all about taking time to look at your surroundings, seeing things that others miss, having a unique perspective and connecting with the environment.