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Gordon Nicol

The Photographer

Photo of Photographer Gordon Nicol

Photography for me is not about how fancy my camera is, it is about the connections I make. It is about those special moments I have with people and the environment I find myself in.

These wonderfully unique experiences are created every time I have a camera in my hand, any camera will do, digital, analogue or mobile.

Photography is based around the following four main tenets; visualisation, image capture, image creation and image printing. These interconnecting processes in turn inform all of my photographic work.

I take time to create original and creative photographs and delight in sharing them with others, both online and in print.

Photographs tell stories and show individual character. I strive to create photographs that capture light in unique and fleeting moments. I want the viewers of my images to be engaged and intrigued in what they see. Ideally they will gain an insight to my photographic vision and passion.

I believe that photography is not about numbers, settings and precision; it is about being in the moment, observing and visualising. It is all about taking time to look at your surroundings, seeing things that others miss, having a unique perspective and connecting with the environment.